Pip Steen

Pip Steen


Pip is currently a commercial finance executive in an information technology business and does voluntary work in the charity sector.  He is a Chartered Accountant with a PhD in artificial intelligence.  His experience includes working as a divisional CFO, commercial manager, internal and external auditor, management consultant, technical consultant and research engineer.  He has worked with culturally diverse teams from businesses across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. This variety gives him a breadth of understanding of how organizations can work well, provide fulfilling jobs and deliver high-quality products and services.

Pip has worked for both public and private sector organizations implementing financial management processes and organizational change. Specific areas of work include working with customers to resolve complex high-value commercial disputes, financial management for IT businesses, costing methods and organisation design, technology services for public services and funding approaches for infrastructure projects.  He has a particular focus on financial management methods and creating value.  He has found that not for profit, as well as profit-driven, organizations often place too much emphasis on specific processes, such as budgeting, and so do not measure the real value of what they achieve.  Pip has implemented a variety of different tools and management strategies to assist organizations to understand and sustain the value they create.

Underpinning Pip’s approach to management is a passion for open honest governance and simple clear processes.  Integrity in decision-making is key for him.  He has always striven for high quality objective management information. Together with a clear purpose, these are the key components for managing a successful organisation.  He is particularly keen to encourage transparency around the multi-dimensional value of education, which is too often obscured by wider concerns. 

He sees education as a process of bringing out the best in people. Teaching is an essentially creative process.  Finding ways to enable this creativity from teachers means having transparent, non-dogmatic and well-organized management.  It also requires vision and clearly-defined values that provide direction and inspiration to all who work in schools.  This is an exciting challenge for management teams and Pip brings his commercial experience to the role of a MAT director to help achieve it.