Why did we form a Trust?


Why we formed a Multi-Academy Trust

The greater majority of our schools are currently in a very strong position but the educational landscape is changing rapidly and our concern is that some of our schools may become isolated. The expectation and encouragement of the Government is that all schools will become academies, work together and support one another. In addition, Local Authority support is also diminishing along with the scope to apply for additional funding to enhance the educational experience of the students.

We believe that by forming a Trust and offering the opportunity for our schools to join, we can continue to build on the success of the Southwark Diocesan Board of Education, create greater security, provide stability, offer more services and develop greater relations and knowledge-sharing not just within regions but across the Diocese, ultimately improving the educational experience for our children.

The SDBE MAT Board and Executive Team have a very clear understanding of how we want the Trust to operate, specifically our clear and joint commitment to the protection of our schools autonomy.  We do also acknowledge the need for us, as an organisation, to remain compliant with the relevant bodies that govern us and the need for a degree of standardisation in order for us both to fulfil our roles.  We have worked hard to develop a Scheme of Delegation (a legal document that defines the relationship and responsibilities between the Trust and our Academies) that recognises the need for compliance carefully balanced with the protection of autonomy.