Policy Schedule Matrix

The policies that follow are policies that are required by the various organisations whose work has an impact on the Southwark Diocesan Board of Education Multi-Academy Trust (SDBE MAT).  
These include, but are not limited to; Department for Education (DfE); Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA); Information Commissioners Office (ICO); Health & Safety Executive; Charities Commission; Southwark Diocesan Board of Education (SDBE).
As a Trust and as the employer of all staff within our member academies there are some policies that we have to prescribe in order to remain compliant with our various regulatory bodies.  Consistency and prescription of certain key policies will ensure we remain a fair, equitable and consistent employer across all academies and that we remain compliant as a group.  Where possible, we have safeguarded the academies’ ability to develop and set their own policies to reflect their unique local context and character.   

Prescribed Policies - Prescribed by the Trust Board and must be adopted by each academy.

Policies marked as ‘Prescribed’

Schools within the SDBEMAT MUST adopt the policies marked as “Prescribed” and withdraw any local policies covering the same topics. These policies have been approved by the Trust Board.

HR Policy Handbook


Review Frequency Review Date


Annually July
Code of Conduct Annually July
Disciplinary Annually July
Family Leave Annually July
Flexible Working Annually July
Grievance Resolution Annually July
Organisational Change Annually July
Non-Sickness Absence Annually July
Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblowing) Annually July
Sickness Absence Annually July
Staff Pensions Discretions Annually July
Staff Recruitment & Exit Annually July
Support Staff Pay & Appraisal Annually July
Teacher Appraisal Annually July
Teacher Pay Annually July
Anti Slavery & Human Trafficking Annually July
DBS Annually July


Finance Policy Handbook

Policy Review Frequency Review Date
Finance Procedures Annually July
Investment Annually July
Reserves Annually July
Fraud Annually July
Accounting For Fixed Assets Annually July
Procurement Annually July
Governors' Expenses Annually July
Staff Expenses Annually July
Purchase Cards Annually July
Business & Pecuniary Interests Annually July
Gifts & Hospitality Annually July


Operational Policy Handbook

Policy Review Frequency Review Date
Health & Safety 3 Years July
Trust Complaints
(For complaints to Head Office)
3 Years July
Data Retention 3 Years July
GDPR Policy Annually July

GDPR Privacy Notices

(May be modified by each Academy)

Annually July
Freedom of Information 3 Years July

Non-Prescribed Policies - Local Governing Body to develop and approve their own policy.

Policies marked as ‘Non Prescribed’

Academies are expected to develop and embed their own policies based on their own individual needs.  The Trust may have template policies available if an academy wishes to adopt/adapt these.  Details of those policies for which a template exists are set out below.

The Local Governing Body is accountable, and the Headteacher is responsible, for ensuring that the policies used by their academy meet the latest legislative and regulatory guidance.

Policy Required By Review Frequency Review Date Template Available
Admissions DfE 3 Years LGB Decide

Yes - From SDBE

Accessibility Plan DfE 3 Years LGB Decide  
Behaviour DfE Annually LGB Decide  
Academy Complaints DfE 3 Years LGB Decide Yes
Collective Worship SDBE/CofE Annually LGB Decide Yes - From SDBE
Charging & Remissions DfE LGB Decide LGB Decide Yes
Sex Education DfE Annually LGB Decide Yes - From SDBE
Premises Management Documents DfE/SDBEMAT Live Documents Termly  
Home/School Agreement DfE LGB Decide LGB Decide Yes - From SDBE
Special Educational Needs DfE Annually LGB Decide  
Early Years And Foundation DfE Annually LGB Decide  
Supporting Pupils With Medical Conditions DfE LGB Decide LGB Decide Yes
Child Protection/Safeguarding DfE Annually LGB Decide  
Prevent DfE Annually LGB Decide  
Use of Restraints DfE LGB Decide LGB Decide Yes