Our Educational Support and School Improvement Overview

Our Educational Support and School Improvement Rationale

Our educational support and school improvement strategy has been shaped through the concept of strong collaboration so that the skills and talents that exist and develop within the Trust, can be of benefit to all. While each one of our schools is unique, we understand that the mutual challenge, support and partnership that we offer each other as a Trust working together, will enable our schools to flourish and continue to develop as centres of excellence. Our vision is to ensure that all members of our school communities are happy, aspirational for themselves and others, and realise their God-given potential.

Our Trust believes in 'walking alongside' its school leaders ths enabling them to provide their communities with the strongest educational and pastoral offer possible. The educational support and school improvement strategy has been developed to offer both support and challenge to each school individually, while also deliberately shaping a culture of collaboration, celebration and trust. Our Christian values are at the heart of all that we do. Our rationale is built on the key elements below:





Our Educational Support and School Improvement Offer to our Schools

Our Educational Support and School Improvement offer builds on the key strands articulated within our School Improvement Rationale. When working together we are stronger. Our offer to schools has been shaped strategically to build on the excellent work of our schools prior to them joining the Trust so that they can continue to develop and flourish as centres of excellence. We believe that our offer provides balance of autonomy, matched with an expectation of engagement and collaboration at every level of Trust work. 

Our Educational Support and School Improvement Offer has been shaped around five key strands which together form an innovative and appropriate strategy for our schools. This offer is in addition to the excellent range of services that our schools already benefit from the Southwark Diocese Board of Education.

Our core offer to all of our schools include the following:


1. The Diocesan School Improvement Partner Programme (DSIP Programme)

Each Trust school receives at least 7 days of an allocated School Improvement Partner to work alongside school leaders against a structured plan of support and challenge. The nature of the support and challenge offered is matched to the position of the school's own improvement journey.

Click here to visit the DSIP page on our website for additional information.


2. The Trust Education Partner

The Education Partner is employed to strategically coordinate and shape all educational elements organised centrally by the Trust so that they benefit the individual school improvement journeys of each of our schools. These include the development of strands, such as Trust networks, joint CPD and the growth of new Trust initiatives. The Education Partner is also able to provide personalised support to each school as required. 


3. Curriculum Development and Trust Networks

As a Trust, we expect that our schools will work in a collaborative way that supports improvement specific to each setting  as well as growth and development as an effective 'Trust team of schools'. All of our curriculum development offer has been strategically planned to respond to the current training and improvement needs of our schools as well as supporting the development of excellent curriculum offers from each of our Trust schools. Key elements include:

  • cross-school moderation
  • Specific subject network leader meetings
  • Subject specific conferences
  • SEND support networks and training
  • Curriculum development CPD

Click here to visit the Curriculum Development and Trust Networks page on our website for additional information.


4. Personalised School Specific Support

The Trust recognises that each school will be at a different place within its school improvement journey and supports our schools accordingly. Schools may want to focus on a specific area of the curriculum or staff development and are able to supplement their core offer as appropriate. Our schools have access to specialist consultants that are able to provide additional elements such as:

  • SEND Reviews
  • Bespoke Middle Leader Development
  • Curriculum Development
  • Teaching and Learning Reviews
  • Bespoke Governance support


5. Developing Trust Leadership

Our Trust is passionate about ensuring that we realise the full ambition of new and potential leaders within our Trust. Developing effective school leadership at all levels has never been more crucial within education and are proud to have shaped an accredited and bespoke leadership development offer. Our accredited leadership training is co-ordinated by one of our experienced Trust Headteachers. Elements include:

  • Pre-NPQML Training Programme
  • Accredited NPQMLTraining
  • Accredited NPQSLTraining
  • Accredited NPQH Training

Click here to visit the Developing Trust Leadership page our website for additional information.



Our Educational Support and School Improvement Overview: