Our Academy GDPR Leads

Each school will have a nominated person who will serve as the GDPR Lead in their school.  

The role of an Academy GDPR Lead

Key responsibilities and tasks:

  • Act as the key contact within school for the SDBE MAT Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Undertake relevant training as prescribed by the SDBE MAT
  • Promptly report (within 24 hours) any data breaches within school to the SDBE MAT DPO
  • Assist SDBE MAT DPO with reporting data breaches to the Information Commissioner’s Office
  • Develop an ethos and culture within school for best practice around data protection
  • Regularly review GDPR information, guidance and resources on SDBE MAT website
  • Oversee and distribute information and training around GDPR
  • Ensure records are kept in relation to GDPR training for staff
  • Ensure relevant Privacy Notices are issued to individuals, as necessary (staff, parents, etc.)
  • Identify and monitor the data processors at work, ensuring that they deal with data in a manner consistent with data protection principles
  • Monitor data management procedures within school ensuring compliance with GDPR
  • Lead on the response to requests for information by data subjects, ensuring they are addressed within legal timeframes
  • Ensure data is destroyed when necessary in line with published guidelines
  • Perform regular audits and spot-checks to ensure procedures are compliant with regulations


Academy GDPR Leads

St Stephen's, South Godstone, Surrey Niall McLaughlin Deputy Headteacher & Academy Data Protection Lead dpo.ststephenssg@Sdbemat.org
All Saints, Carshalton, Sutton Chris Marston Deputy Headteacher & Academy Data Protection Lead dpo.allsaintscarshalton@Sdbemat.org
St Michael's, East Wickham, Bexley Jane Markworth Deputy Headteacher & Academy Data Protection Lead


St George's, Forest Hill, Lewisham Lucy Franklin-Smith Deputy Headteacher & Academy Data Protection Lead dpo.stgeorgesfh@Sdbemat.org
St Matthew's, Redhill, Surrey Kate Penfold Deputy Headteacher & Academy Data Protection Lead dpo.stmatthewsrh@Sdbemat.org
St Paul's, Walworth, Southwark Tracey Crannitch Deputy Head & Data Protection Lead tcrannitch@stpauls.southwark.sch.uk